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FXFOWLE Architects

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ISBN 978-3-95905-048-7  Purchase online 

Jared Green

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ISBN 9781616893002




Géographie 2e

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The Museum of Modern Art

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av proyectos, issue 064 Expo Milano 2015
Christoph Gielen, “Ciphers: Decoding the Growth Machine” title feature
Madrid, Spain – July/August, 2014
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The Dirt / American Society of Landscape Architects

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plataforma arquitectura

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Paris, France – May, 2014


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Anthony Johnson, “Les motifs de l’étalement urbain”, Canada – May, 2014
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Centre Pompidou

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Daily Mail

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London, England – April, 2014
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competition Nr.6

Magazin für Architekten, Ingenieure und Bauherren
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uncube – magazine blog

Susie Lee, “Suburban Kaleidoscope: Christoph Gielen’s photographs of human land-use patterns”  Ciphers, book review
Berlin, Germany – January, 2014
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Frank-Thorsten Moll, Ursula Zeller

Zeppelin Museum
Catalogue, “Die Welt von oben – Die Vogelperspektive in der Kunst”
Friedrichshafen, Germany – October, 2013
ISBN 978-3-00-043729-8  Purchase online

Prison Photography

“Christoph Gielen Goes Up In The Air, Shares a Broad Perspective On Solitary Confinement,” Portland – April, 2013
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Wired Magazine

“Patterns as Priorities: Aerial Supermax Prison Photos Echo Shapes of Suburbia,”
San Francisco – April, 2013
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Daily Mail

“Cons from the Air: Vast super-max prison captured from above in series of stunning shots
showing layout designed for total lockdown,” London, England – March, 2013
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Bernard Tschumi

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Sustainable Cities Collective

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